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"Why is it called the 'Golden State'? Because California is a true treasure! You can surf in the morning, ski in the afternoon, and cap off the day with a magnificent golden sunset! California... happiness is calling!”

– Kristen Elgo, CMP,
Senior Account Executive

Idealized the world over, California is a worldly paradise of sun, sand, cities, and adventure. Vast and varied, the ‘Golden State’ has an unyielding hold on the world’s imagination, able to provoke a sense of magic and childlike wonder thanks to Hollywood and Disneyland.

From Yosemite’s ancient forests and towering redwoods to the pristine, sun-kissed SoCal beaches and the extravagant metropolises, endless possibilities await those seeking a taste of adventure.

California’s progressive and diverse cultural underbelly is palpable, with a wide variety of rich heritage, culinary delights, empowered movements, and artistic expressions adding to the state’s remarkable and ever-evolving tapestry.

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